Appearance Cleaning

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Are you taking care of the maintenance of your carpet? Does your carpet really just need light cleaning, and not a full steam cleaning? Not everyone needs powerful cleaning at its best, but would like a more affordable touch up or appearance cleaning. There are methods in carpet cleaning, that can make your carpets look great, and not break the bank. This method is called low moisture cleaning, that does not involve steam or very much water. The benefits are faster dry times, less expensive, and it gives the appearance of steam cleaned carpet. There is more great news, the solutions available are also non-toxic, and when dry becomes dry particulates, that can be vacuumed up.  One last benefit, we will now be able to offer this method to hard to get to apartments and condominiums. Some peoples homes, are not accessible by truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment, but now we will be able to service everyone.  At Knockout, we know this economy is tough, and we are always, trying to find ways to help lower the cost to open our services to more people, but not sacrifice on the quality. Keep an eye out on our website, we will be purchasing this newer equipment, and start offering this service very soon. If you have any questions regarding this process vs. truck mount steam cleaning, we will be glad to let you know which one suits your needs.