Easy Ways to Clean Your Carpet without Harsh Chemicals

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Increasingly more people are looking for ways to sanitize their homes without using harsh chemicals. Green carpet cleaning products have become very popular in the last years. Regular carpet cleaning is a worthwhile investment as long as you use non-toxic, green substances composed of bio-based ingredients. These products are free from toxic chemicals and leave no residues.

Organic detergent free cleaners prolong a carpet’s life and reduces water consumption. Normal non-green professional cleaning products contain petroleum based solvents and tetrachloroethylene–substances that can affect the immune system and increase the risk of asthma, allergies, autoimmune disorders, neurological disorders, and infertility. For this reason many people are more willing to use in the home products like vinegar, baking soda, and cornmeal instead of over the counter spot removers.

As an example for carpet stains, mix 1/3 cup water with 1/4 cup liquid castile soap. Spread the mixture over the stained area and leave it for a few minutes. Use a soft towel to pat the area. Clean up spills as soon as they happen. To remove stains of wine, coffee and chocolate, use hydrogen peroxide, club soda or prepare a mixture of water and distilled white vinegar. A tea spill on the rug can be easily removed with cold clean water.

If you prefer to use store bought cleaning products, choose those based on organic ingredients. Green carpet cleaners can make the stains easy to dissolve out of the carpet and dry residue free. These products are safe for pets and children. They don’t contribute to poor indoor air quality and limit the amount of harsh chemicals in your home. To maximize their effectiveness, have your carpets professional cleaned with hot water preferably over 180 degrees on a regular basis

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

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This is one of the most asked questions we receive at Knockout. We answer with all honesty, and that is “it depends on your situation”. If you take your shoes off, have no kids or pets, and vacuum frequently, then you can go two years easily without needing a professional. But, at the opposite end, if you and your family of kids do not take your shoes off, and have pets, and do not vacuum as frequently as you should, we have seen some customers every 90 days. So, to answer this question, it depends on how you see your carpets, and important it is, to not only look clean, but be healthy as well. If you have allergy sufferers, regardless of house hold members, regular cleaning also helps eliminate dust mites, pollens, animal dander, and other allergy-causing agents.  We at Knockout recommend at least, take your shoes off before walking on carpet, because not only does shoes bring in dirt, and allergens, shoes also damage carpet by rubbing small dirt particles against the fiber, and scratching it, causing it to look grey at first, and eventually dark. When  carpet becomes damaged, cleaning cannot help bring it back to other then light gray. We also, recommend a good vacuum cleaner, that had a brush that agitates the carpet, and brings the small soil to the surface. These small practices, can really extend the life of your carpet, and if practiced frequently, extend the necessary professional carpet cleaning. For our existing customers, we of course send out reminder cards, for you to look at your carpets, and see if they need to be cleaned.

How Long Will It Take To Dry?

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This is another popular question we get asked a lot at Knockout. This also, always depends on the situation. Dry times are the best during warm or hot days, when all available windows of the house are open, and circulation of the air inside (ceiling fans, central heating/air fan on). With this ideal environment you can get dry times within 2 hours easy. As soon as you start taking away any of these ideal situations, it can extend the dry time. But we adjust our cleaning to compensate any lack of ventilation, or high humidity situations. If there is rain or dense fog outside, we recommend keeping windows closed, and heater on to help expand the air for evaporation, and it circulates the air to both help accelerate dry times. We inform you ahead of time, if we see any issues that could effect dry times, and give you a conservative estimate. Always, wait until the carpet is 100% dry, before moving wood or metal furniture back onto the carpet. Even the slightest of moisture can cause staining. We are always staying up to date with the latest in equipment and techniques, and we will soon be offering “Dry Before We Leave” options for you to choose, if you wish for the carpets to be dry immediately, for company, party, or you want to be back to normal ASAP. This will be possible through new fans that can dry a room in 15 minutes. We will be purchasing, and carrying these new fans in the near future.
Knockout Carpet Cleaning San Diego Truck Mount

Why Are Your Prices Higher Than Others?

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It’s easy to operate in a honest way, but can be hard for some to understand this new kind of method. Knockout is upfront and transparent with our pricing, but a lot of people are accustomed to seeing these great offers in local magazines, coupon booklets, and television commercials. So, we end up giving some customers sticker shock, because they expected it would be around the price they have been bombarded with in advertising.  Since the beginning, Knockout has always guaranteed our pricing and we always do our best. Our prices are figured, so we can make a profit and pay our operating expenses. This also includes how much time we spend at the home we are cleaning. We do not rush, and we make sure we spend the right amount of time to do our best.

So why are we higher than others? Because we are honest. Most of those offers, use the old fashion and tired method of “bait and switch”. Most people probably have an idea that the number is too low to believe, but these companies do it for a reason. It works. The owner or employee shows up to clean your home, and you hand over the coupon, and they inform you why that coupon price will not do what you need. You made the date, moved your furniture, are ready, and it’s take it or leave it when the final price is shown to you to sign after the walk through. More than likely, this updated price, will be higher than Knockout’s price, because they have you in a vulnerable position. Once you agree, they still need to be as fast as possible, because if they are employees, they are commission, and need to get to the next unsuspecting customer, and so on, to make a living.

A simple way to weed out these offers is to try and find them online and find out their reputation. You will never find any kind of online reputation for these companies through any review services, Google, or BBB. They wouldn’t dare set that up, because, the unfortunate people who have been burned by them, would love to tell the world what happened to them. So, these companies spend the money to stay in magazines, and coupon booklets, because there is no way you can read a review, or look them up online. You just have to take a chance, and hope for the best. Knockout on the other hand, has put our self out there for scrutiny. We don’t claim every single customer is happy, because you cannot make everyone happy. We try our best by setting expectations on the walk through, by being honest how well we really can get your carpets clean. Knockout certainly has seen every spectrum of carpet conditions, from cleaning fairly clean carpets, moderate soils (majority), to severe conditions (the customer knows how bad it is, and usually asks us to just do our best). We don’t guarantee every stain will come out, because every carpet is different, every situation is different, but you can count on us to do our best.

So, our prices are higher than those others advertised, because we want you to trust, that we guarantee that price, and you will get our best work. We put Knockout’s reputation online, because we want clients to know, we will do what we say, and say what we do.


In the Market for New Carpet?

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I get asked by customers, what would you recommend we get for new carpeting? My favorite is wool and nylon low pile or berber type carpet. But, not everyone loves low pile or berber, and not everyone can afford wool. So, if you had to get one fiber that meets affordability and longevity, I would say whatever you choose, get nylon at least. There has been numerous occasions, I am asked to clean 1 year old polyester, where the traffic lanes have been permanently damaged due to shoe wearers. Even though polyester is less expensive, and more stain resistant, it is very soft and wears fast. If you need inexpensive carpet for a rental or need to make your home look good for a sale, then yes, jump on that band wagon and get polyester. But, keep in mind that you will be replacing that polyester in your rental sooner than you expected, unless you have a “no shoe” policy on your rental agreement.

Nylon is a great fiber, and can last a long time if you regularly vacuum and steam clean. Small dirt particles is the main enemy of all fibers, so it is importa

Appearance Cleaning

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Are you taking care of the maintenance of your carpet? Does your carpet really just need light cleaning, and not a full steam cleaning? Not everyone needs powerful cleaning at its best, but would like a more affordable touch up or appearance cleaning. There are methods in carpet cleaning, that can make your carpets look great, and not break the bank. This method is called low moisture cleaning, that does not involve steam or very much water. The benefits are faster dry times, less expensive, and it gives the appearance of steam cleaned carpet. There is more great news, the solutions available are also non-toxic, and when dry becomes dry particulates, that can be vacuumed up.  One last benefit, we will now be able to offer this method to hard to get to apartments and condominiums. Some peoples homes, are not accessible by truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment, but now we will be able to service everyone.  At Knockout, we know this economy is tough, and we are always, trying to find ways to help lower the cost to open our services to more people, but not sacrifice on the quality. Keep an eye out on our website, we will be purchasing this newer equipment, and start offering this service very soon. If you have any questions regarding this process vs. truck mount steam cleaning, we will be glad to let you know which one suits your needs.

Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning

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Yes, if your a client of mine, you’ve heard me talk about all the benefits of hydrogen peroxide. I talk so much about it, I almost sound like I work for a company that sells it. I wanted to blog more about how and why you should have a little brown bottle in all areas of your house. Let’s start in the Kitchen. Keep a large bottle with a spray top under the sink. Whenever you want to clean your counter tops, whether they are granite, ceramic, or any surface, they all can benefit from a safe and sanitizing effects of hydrogen peroxide. Over the counter peroxide, is a low and safe volume for everyday use. Next, is the kitchen hard surface floor, and any hard surface in your home. That’s right, ditch that expensive and sometimes toxic smelling cleaner.

If you want to clean your grout, you can also get powdered peroxide also known and sodium per-carbonate. This can be found in almost any grocery store in the laundry section, and look for the cheapest powdered “oxy” type detergent. When in doubt, look at the ingredients on the container, and it should have listed “sodium per-carbonate ” as one of the main ingredients.  To get powdered peroxide to work and clean your counter grout, mix a small container of powder, and add very hot water to it, until it becomes a paste. Put on some rubber gloves and use this paste to smear over the grout areas. You could speed up the process and scrub the grout which will agitate the ground in dirt, and whiten by oxidizing the grout. Or if you really want to be lazy, you smear the wet paste, and let it sit there for a few hours, and remove it, it should whiten the grout all without any agitation.

Peroxide, also cleans calcium deposits in showers/baths. If you see the white marks on your shower doors or faucets, clean it up easily with peroxide. One last tip, and you will thank me after you visit your dentist for a checkup. Spray your toothbrush with peroxide, then add your paste on top, and brush your teeth. You are killing any germs on the brush, and your are also killing germs in your mouth, that causes tooth decay, and it helps promote healthier gum growth. Ohh, and if you want whiter teeth, it does that too. Well I hope you enjoy these tips, and maybe you will be telling me about some uses.