Cross Contamination

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Why is it important that only your household vacuum, vacuums the carpet? Because, you have no idea where another service companies vacuum cleaner has been, before being used in your home. Being in the cleaning business, we see all types of houses and conditions. Sparing the gory details, just use your imagination, and it is easily a reality for a lot of professional carpet cleaning companies. The worst and the best of homes, needs to be pre-vacuumed before any moisture hits the carpet. So, if the worst home is right before the best home, the best home will have that same vacuum cleaner used on their carpet, without the knowledge of the user, that they are bringing in unknown contaminates from previous homes.
Whether you choose Knockout for your next cleaning, make sure you pre-vacuum your own home before the cleaner arrives. Let them know, that they do not need to vacuum, that you have taken care of it. Knockout will remind you, during scheduling, that we recommend you pre-vacuum your home prior to our arrival. We are always staying on top of healthy cleaning for your home, whether it is green certified solutions used, to using household products like hydrogen peroxide to clean organic spills. We try and educate you as well as give you a great, honest, and healthy cleaning. Give us a call today, if your interested in having the healthiest carpet cleaning in San Diego. 760-481-5135