How Long Will It Take To Dry?

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This is another popular question we get asked a lot at Knockout. This also, always depends on the situation. Dry times are the best during warm or hot days, when all available windows of the house are open, and circulation of the air inside (ceiling fans, central heating/air fan on). With this ideal environment you can get dry times within 2 hours easy. As soon as you start taking away any of these ideal situations, it can extend the dry time. But we adjust our cleaning to compensate any lack of ventilation, or high humidity situations. If there is rain or dense fog outside, we recommend keeping windows closed, and heater on to help expand the air for evaporation, and it circulates the air to both help accelerate dry times. We inform you ahead of time, if we see any issues that could effect dry times, and give you a conservative estimate. Always, wait until the carpet is 100% dry, before moving wood or metal furniture back onto the carpet. Even the slightest of moisture can cause staining. We are always staying up to date with the latest in equipment and techniques, and we will soon be offering “Dry Before We Leave” options for you to choose, if you wish for the carpets to be dry immediately, for company, party, or you want to be back to normal ASAP. This will be possible through new fans that can dry a room in 15 minutes. We will be purchasing, and carrying these new fans in the near future.
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