Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning

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Yes, if your a client of mine, you’ve heard me talk about all the benefits of hydrogen peroxide. I talk so much about it, I almost sound like I work for a company that sells it. I wanted to blog more about how and why you should have a little brown bottle in all areas of your house. Let’s start in the Kitchen. Keep a large bottle with a spray top under the sink. Whenever you want to clean your counter tops, whether they are granite, ceramic, or any surface, they all can benefit from a safe and sanitizing effects of hydrogen peroxide. Over the counter peroxide, is a low and safe volume for everyday use. Next, is the kitchen hard surface floor, and any hard surface in your home. That’s right, ditch that expensive and sometimes toxic smelling cleaner.

If you want to clean your grout, you can also get powdered peroxide also known and sodium per-carbonate. This can be found in almost any grocery store in the laundry section, and look for the cheapest powdered “oxy” type detergent. When in doubt, look at the ingredients on the container, and it should have listed “sodium per-carbonate ” as one of the main ingredients.  To get powdered peroxide to work and clean your counter grout, mix a small container of powder, and add very hot water to it, until it becomes a paste. Put on some rubber gloves and use this paste to smear over the grout areas. You could speed up the process and scrub the grout which will agitate the ground in dirt, and whiten by oxidizing the grout. Or if you really want to be lazy, you smear the wet paste, and let it sit there for a few hours, and remove it, it should whiten the grout all without any agitation.

Peroxide, also cleans calcium deposits in showers/baths. If you see the white marks on your shower doors or faucets, clean it up easily with peroxide. One last tip, and you will thank me after you visit your dentist for a checkup. Spray your toothbrush with peroxide, then add your paste on top, and brush your teeth. You are killing any germs on the brush, and your are also killing germs in your mouth, that causes tooth decay, and it helps promote healthier gum growth. Ohh, and if you want whiter teeth, it does that too. Well I hope you enjoy these tips, and maybe you will be telling me about some uses.