Why Are Your Prices Higher Than Others?

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It’s easy to operate in a honest way, but can be hard for some to understand this new kind of method. Knockout is upfront and transparent with our pricing, but a lot of people are accustomed to seeing these great offers in local magazines, coupon booklets, and television commercials. So, we end up giving some customers sticker shock, because they expected it would be around the price they have been bombarded with in advertising.  Since the beginning, Knockout has always guaranteed our pricing and we always do our best. Our prices are figured, so we can make a profit and pay our operating expenses. This also includes how much time we spend at the home we are cleaning. We do not rush, and we make sure we spend the right amount of time to do our best.

So why are we higher than others? Because we are honest. Most of those offers, use the old fashion and tired method of “bait and switch”. Most people probably have an idea that the number is too low to believe, but these companies do it for a reason. It works. The owner or employee shows up to clean your home, and you hand over the coupon, and they inform you why that coupon price will not do what you need. You made the date, moved your furniture, are ready, and it’s take it or leave it when the final price is shown to you to sign after the walk through. More than likely, this updated price, will be higher than Knockout’s price, because they have you in a vulnerable position. Once you agree, they still need to be as fast as possible, because if they are employees, they are commission, and need to get to the next unsuspecting customer, and so on, to make a living.

A simple way to weed out these offers is to try and find them online and find out their reputation. You will never find any kind of online reputation for these companies through any review services, Google, or BBB. They wouldn’t dare set that up, because, the unfortunate people who have been burned by them, would love to tell the world what happened to them. So, these companies spend the money to stay in magazines, and coupon booklets, because there is no way you can read a review, or look them up online. You just have to take a chance, and hope for the best. Knockout on the other hand, has put our self out there for scrutiny. We don’t claim every single customer is happy, because you cannot make everyone happy. We try our best by setting expectations on the walk through, by being honest how well we really can get your carpets clean. Knockout certainly has seen every spectrum of carpet conditions, from cleaning fairly clean carpets, moderate soils (majority), to severe conditions (the customer knows how bad it is, and usually asks us to just do our best). We don’t guarantee every stain will come out, because every carpet is different, every situation is different, but you can count on us to do our best.

So, our prices are higher than those others advertised, because we want you to trust, that we guarantee that price, and you will get our best work. We put Knockout’s reputation online, because we want clients to know, we will do what we say, and say what we do.